Meet the K-Pop boyband NCT in a game

Content developer TakeOne Company has officially revealed its newest project, a cinematic adventure game NCT Zone with the boyband NCT. NCT Zone is a game that utilizes never-seen-before video footage and images shot exclusively for the game and provides engaging content of NCT members shot in various concepts.

Earlier this month, NCT Zone piqued the curiosity of many fans when the project’s brand identity (BI) was first revealed on social media. The BI design is based on the concept of the NeoZone planet, the central space of the game, and the “Z” in “Zone” is enlivened by a lightning bolt.

After being shrouded in mystery since the release of the BI, NCT Zone released its first magazine-style visual content on its official social media channels today (Mon, Nov 5th), raising expectations for the game’s exclusive content.

According to TakeOne Company, NCT Zone is a project that has been in development for about two years and will provide novel experiences through various content.

With components such as OST sung by the members, photocards and NCT Zone pop-up space linking to the NCT Zone game, the game is thought to be like a complete gift set for the fans.

“NCT Zone is a game that will provide a special experience by adding the charm of NCT to the popular puzzle game and city management elements of a social network game,” states Jung Min-Chae, CEO of TakeOne Company. “We will do our best to prepare it for not only casual gamers but also for global users who enjoy K-pop.”

NCT Zone is scheduled for global release in 2023, and more information about the game will be released gradually through the official social media channels for the game.