Swift chats with Jimmy Fallon

Taylor Swift teases a return to touring after four years. The pop superstar dropped hints while promoting her 10th studio album, Midnights, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (Oct 24th).

“You’ve done the albums, you’ve done the re-recordings. But also, you haven’t toured in like four years,” Fallon states to crowd cheers and applause.

“I know,” Swift replies.

“We want you to,” Fallon adds.

“I think I should do it,” Swift quips to an eruption of crowd cheers.

“Are we talkin’ sooner than later?” Fallon asks.

“You know, I should do it,” she replies. “When it’s time, we’ll do it. I miss it. I really miss it. I miss, you know, when you write songs and you’re proud of the songs and you have the fans reacting, the most potent way you can see them react is when you’re looking into their faces. Do you know what I mean? I miss that a lot. I really miss that connection.”

No other details are available as of press time. An official announcement will be shared when available. Swift had planned to perform four Lover Fest shows in July 2020, but were pushed back by a year and then ultimately canceled due to the pandemic, along with all international 2020 tour dates.

Swift released Midnights on October 21st which shattered Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music streaming records in less than 24 hours. Midnights has been named the biggest album debut for Spotify ever as it became the “Most Streamed Album in a Single Day” with over 185 million streams. In addition, Swift eclipsed the record as the “Most Streamed Artist in a Single Day” in Spotify history. Midnights also remarkably breaks the all-time record for “most single day streams for an artist in Spotify history,” surpassing the record set by Bad Bunny earlier this year.

The album became the top-selling album of the year within one day and all 13 of its tracks charted around the world. The project is on track to sell one million copies within its first week. Also, the top 10 songs on Spotify and Apple Music are from Midnights.

Midnights is the pop star’s fourth project in two years which follows Red (Taylor’s Version), Folkloreand Evermore. Red (Taylor’s Version) surpassed Spotify’s biggest opening day streams of all-time for a female with over 90 million, a record previously held by Swift herself. Midnights is Swift’s sixth consecutive album to exceed 50 million Spotify streams in 24 hours. The country-turned-pop star broke the record for the most-streamed album in a day by a female and the most-streamed female in a single day in Spotify history, and Red (Taylor’s Version) immediately captured No. 1 on iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart and Apple Music upon its release in November 2021.

Swift explains that Midnights is her “first autobiographical album in a while because the last album that I put out was a re-record of my album Red. You know, I wrote that stuff a decade ago. Folklore and Evermore, I was — it was like story time. It was like mythology. Like, I’m creating a character. They went and did this and felt this way. So I’m feeling like — I’m feeling very overwhelmed by the fans’ love for the record. I’m also feeling, like, very soft and fragile. The two can exist at once.”

Swift says despite the album’s nature, it was pretty fun to make.

“This is a pretty dark album, but I’d say I had more fun making it than any album I’ve ever made,” Swift explains. “Because I don’t think that art and suffering have to be holding hands all the time. I think you can write songs about pain or grief or suffering or loss or hard things that you go through in life. Shame, you know — love to write about that one. Self-loathing. I could go on. But I think, you know, with time and with the more albums I put out, making albums and making things and writing things feels like a way to sort of suck the poison out of a snake bite. You’re just like, you’re putting it the music, you’re putting it in a song. And it could be the most harrowing song you have ever heard, but we had a blast making it.”