Solid Steel Facts About Composing Music For Online Casinos

Even slot machines can’t work without a soul. I’d bet my last penny people only approach them to hear the gorgeous sound of nickels and dimes dropping like rain surrounded with the Jackpot buzzing. Alas, that does not happen too often. But people still crave for excitement. They want the tunes!

Just check out some and listen to compositions that support a nice game with the one-armed bandit. It will blow your mind!

Games and music

Even a simple stroll down FM’s Classic Hall of Fame can open one’s eyes. Music from games is big. Really big! Some of the headlining tunes have left a great mark on our world! Nobuo Uematsu, the man responsible for soundtracks to all Final Fantasy games was in the top 10 for as much as three years in a row.

Yes, casino games music is not that big yet but the phenomenon of quality is widely embraced by slot machine software developers today. Who knows, maybe a soundtrack to an online poker match will have the tension and expression needed to hit it big will rock the world in a couple of years.

Shifting reality

Mark Griffiths and Jonathan Park have conducted a research back in the day that proves music that’s produced by machines is instrumental. It is (or it can be) as complex as Beethoven’s symphonies. Daniel Lee, a well know composer for casino slot games at IGT states that his job is quite difficult. People’s time is on the line, Daniel states and that factor has to be taken into consideration. People can and probably will lose money to slot machines and your job as a composer is to ensure they are having fun nonetheless.

Music makes players engaged with a game, not the bright lights of jackpot bonuses. Those are not even seen sometimes but the tempting tunes cannot be missed.

Deal with the noise

Here’s one more factor to look out for – the noise. Your tunes won’t be the solo act at a concert hall; they will be surrounded either by people and other machines in a brick and mortar casino or by ads and distractions in an online site. Your job as a composer is to make your game stand out from the crowd while not making it too loud or obnoxious.

Solid Steel Facts About Composing Music For Online Casinos


Online casinos in general and slot games in particular are getting immensely popular with internet availability. A lot of new composers will be involved in creation of music for new games. This can lead to an entirely new wave of musical trends and innovations. Do remember to keep your finger on pulse of this aspiring industry as a musician. Let the show begin!